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About Us

Cube ICT Solutions focus on support from small to medium sized business. We provide a high performing and secure IT infrastructure solution backed by 15 years of experience. Our offering ranges from the core areas to extensive and tailor made solutions to fit your every need from procurement through to Server, Hosting, Network and Architecture. Our dedicated Staff is committed to give you peace of mind so that you can focus on what you do best.

Our Strategy (Vision)

Our strategy (Vision)

To be an incumbent partner to all your business requirements.

Our Objective (Mission)

Our objective (Mission)

IT from ALL Angles - To provide Holistic IT Support Services from the ground up right through to your most critical business requirements.



Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

At Cube ICT Solutions, we take our Social Responsibility very serious and make all efforts in supporting our community.

Why is key care management so important for your Business?

> Reduce/Manage your IT costs.
> Reduce your unexpected downtime (and the costs associated with it).
> Extend the life of your assets.
> Improve your system security.
> Plan, budget, and track more accurately.
> Be empowered to make proactive instead of reactive choices.
> Issues will be identified much faster and can be addressed proactively.
> Accurate, up-to-date, effortless asset and warranty tracking for insurance or taxation purposes.
> Protect your assets and data.
> Achieve regulatory compliance.
> Lengthen asset life-cycle.
> Know exactly what’s going on with your network.
> Identify pending issues.
> An opportunity to prioritize projects and plan budget.
> Reduce Wait times.

Preventative Maintenance:
Benefits to You:

> Most problems are solved before you even know they are happening.
> Lengthen asset life-cycle.
> Reduce the costs of downtime and emergency repairs.
> Increase productivity.
> Saving you money and improving productivity.
> Extend the longevity of your systems.
> Enhance employee productivity.